Birds Injured Rehabilitated Orphaned Associated Inc., a.k.a. B.I.R.O., is a wildlife organisation run by volunteers, providing care for Australian native birds under Queensland State Government permit.

We are a non-profit organisation, with dedicated members who give their time and energy to rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned birds.  We are passionate and work many hours to give our patients a chance to be free again.

Our primary objective is to release them back into the wild, though sadly - more increasingly - this is sometimes not the case; due to the increasing numbers of birds requiring care and the rapidly decreasing available environment suitable for their release.  Remember, birds' natural diets are seeds, flower nectar, insects, lizards, mice, and other small birds - all of which can only thrive in a healthy eco-system.

Being not-for-profit and with no government financial support, without donations many of the expenses come from each members' own pocket.  Regular expenses like; food, medication, fuel costs, vet bills and aviaries.

Although our carers are busy all year, it is during the breeding season (August through February) that our work load increases dramatically; rescues and rehabilitations, along with respectively higher number incoming phone calls.

Ultimately, prevention is the best medicine, so B.I.R.O. members also actively provide education to the community through public events (like fetes, school programmes), and also campaign & lobby governments. 

There are many and varied reasons why birds come into care: like extreme weather events, but unfortunately most often they are due to adverse effects directly and/or indirectly caused by humans; primarily environmental clearing and back-yard tree-felling, but also dog/cat attacks, car strikes, and sadly also cruelty (abuse or poisoning), etc.  Please be sure to visit our education section for more information on how you can help.

If you wish to help our cause by donating, please click here.