We know there are always "right and wrong ways" to handle any situation. Knowing the RIGHT way will make you a more effective rescuer when you find a bird in trouble. Let's start there :-

Carers are trained to identify birds so that we know what their diet is. Some are seed-eaters, some take nectar from flowers, some eat insects, some eat fruit, some eat fish, and some eat flesh e.g. rodents, other birds, etc. Many birds will eat a combination of the above - all as part of THEIR "balanced diet". Knowing which birds eat what foods is ALL-IMPORTANT when they arrive in care.

Unfortunately, many well-meaning people feed birds incorrectly, damaging their health or even worse. Though a pet bird might be fed bread, honey, jam, milk, rice, peanuts, sugar, etc, these are bad for native birds, as those foods do not form part of their usual diet. Maybe your pet bird (if you have one) would do better on more natural foods too, hmm???

Knowing WHEN to feed a bird is also very important. One common mistake people make is to endeavour to feed a bird that has just been rescued. More often than not, they are in shock (beaks open, heart racing, panting) - and at that time, they need darkness, comfort, peace and quiet to just "settle". I'm sure if you had just broken a finger, sprained an ankle, or been involved in some other kind of trauma, you wouldn't be wanting to sit down to a meal of Filet Mignon, would you? It's the same with birds in trauma.

Some people want to give birds water - but then, some birds drink very little, while others drink NONE (and could drown should you try to administer water). Some get their liquids from what they eat, while others will happily drink when it is raining, yet steer clear of water most times.

Knowledge is Power - so, read around on this site to KNOW more about our feathered friends. We'd love for you to know more about WHAT TO DO if you find an injured or orphaned bird. You will help us as well as the bird if you do.

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