The Betrayal

We poison trees that obscure views -
Clear the bush like there is no tomorrow

We shoot Crows to silence their calls -
Trap Magpies in the Spring -
And city Pigeons are baited

Spike street lights impale the Pelicans -
And we crush the eggs of the Ibis

We go berserk when Flying Foxes camp -
And evict Possums from our homes

A posse races to hunt Sharks -
And nets drown our Whales and Turtles

We suffocate lakes and pollute rivers -
Kangaroos are exterminated,
And for Koalas -
extinction is looming

We are demanding
We betray our flora and fauna
And once
the blood - soaks the earth
the leaves - die and shrivel
the feathers - drift with the breeze
the fur - decays in the soil
the scales - float to the surface

We too have betrayed ourselves
Annihilation -


Trixie Benbrook © 2006