Have we met before?

Swallow, dear swallow
Into my hands you arrived So tiny, so cold - eyes yet to open
One of six - you, smallest of all

Each day I watched in awe your tiny feathers growing
Your appetite demanding, your personality fetching
Precious moments indeed

Swallow, dear swallow
My heart lifted when your brothers flew with the breeze
My heart joyous when your little wings carried you away.

Suddenly, without warning a butcher-bird swooped
You perished before my eyes.

Paralysed, I watched in disbelief

My swallow taken abruptly

My heart shattered

For many nights, my tears flowed freely
For many nights, I whispered "Please forgive me"

Swallow, dear swallow
Spring is here once more
But, this time, you came alone

Your small dark eyes endearing
Your small dark eyes sparkle with life

Are you the spirit of the one I lost a year ago?
Memories still haunt me of that dreadful day, last Spring...

Swallow, dear swallow
I believe you and I may have met before...

Trixie Benbrook © 2004